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What A Camera Actually Is.....

On INW , I got this fantastic photograph of the parts of a camera:

This was posted by Mr K U Varghese of Mysore,about whom I wrote in this post , and who repairs cameras....most of us just aim and shoot and have no idea of the complex and precisely engineered parts that go to make up our camera. This was an education for me, and I want to keep the reference to this image handy!

Update on 6 Oct....Here's another image from Mr Varghese:

And another, on Oct 9,2008, of a Pentax Z10 SLR (film)

Details of how to contact Mr Varghese:

K U Varghese
Beena Camera Works
No 1234 N S Road Near Indian Bank ATM
Near DD Urs Road Mysore 570001
Phone Mob 9900461718
Shop 0821 2427606

(mob no. valid as of 27/10/10.)
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