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The past week had a fair amount of birding weekday morning sneak to Lalbagh, Saturday to Ramnagara, and Sunday to Ragihalli. I must thank:

Ashwini Kumar Bhat
Avantika Dhar, a beautiful and delightful little girl
Bharat Patil (
Geetanjali Dhar
Pratima Jayaram
Subir Dhar
Vijay Hegde

Who made it all so enjoyable.

First, there was the weekday morning I-just-thought-I-would sneak to Lalbagh .

We started with the old favourite, the PURPLE MOORHEN, always to be found padding along on the lotus and lily leaves on the lake:

purple moorhen

Then we went on to look at our friends the MOTTLED WOOD OWLS:

mottled wood owl lalbagh 240908

The SPOTTED OWLETS weren't there in Location 1, but they were little furry balls huddled together peacefully in Location 2:

spotted owlets lalbagh 240908

The ROSE-RINGED PARAKEETS were feeding off the seeds on the trees:

rose-ringed parakeets lalbagh

I didn't take too many photographs there as I didn't spend much time in Lalbagh; but two days later, I got to go to Ramnagara, and had a wonderful time...

Here are the others, avid birders as you can see....Anush,Sainath, and Ashwini:

see that!! ramnagara 270908

One of the lovely sightings we got was the WHITE-BELLIED DRONGO:

white-bellied drongo flight ramnagara 270908

First it sat on one tree, and then another, and challenged us at a distance!

white-bellied drongo ramnagara 270908

A LAUGHING DOVE looked beautiful:

280908 laughing dove

Sometimes when one could not see the colours against the sky, the silhouettes looked lovely, too:

sunbird silhouette on eucalyptus 280908

We saw this female BLUE ROCK THRUSH in the far distance; it's clear why it's called a rock thrush!

female rock thrush on rock

It was amazing to watch this bird zip and zoom amongst the rocks, with its wings hardly a missile!

270908 ramnagara female blue rock thrush zooming along rocks

You can see its tiny size vis-a-vis the rocks in this far-from-good-and-good-from-far shot:

blue rock thrush female between rocks

The LONG-BILLED VULTURES were also there; some on the sheet rock, which we did not approach closely because it was nesting territory:

vultures on rock face

Later we found them soaring overhead:

long-billed vulture ramnagara 270908

Ashwini also got an excellent shot of the SPOTTED BABBLER, but I didn't. But then we got to see the bird we were really looking for. The first time I had been there, I thought it was the "White Eebee", but realized that the other birders were talking about the YTB, an acronym for the YELLOW-THROATED BULBUL...beautiful birds, two of them here indulging in the Synchronized Head-Turning Event:

270908 yellow throated bulbul ramnagara

On Sunday, I went with Avantika, Bharat,Geetanjali, Pratima, Subir and Vijay to Ragihalli, and...


There they all are, we are having chai and biscuits at Ragihalli village!

We saw the WHITE-BREASTED KINGFISHER and its flash of blue:

white breasted kingfisher ragihalli 280908

The SMALL GREEN BEE-EATER which looked as beautiful as ever:

small green bee-eater ragihalli

The SMALL MINIVETS gave us a signal lesson in camouflage. When one sees these birds in the book, one wonders if they would not be too conspicuous; but when one sees them in their habitat, one realizes how beautifully they blend in!

small minivet camouflage ragihalli

We watched some more BAYA WEAVERS like at Mysore, making their beautiful nests:

baya weaver at nest ragihalli  280908

One Baya decided to give us..and especial treat:

baya weaver with grasshpper catch

It did a nice yoga pose while dispatching the grasshopper:

baya weaver eating grasshopper with bent head

Earlier, we had seen both the female INDIAN ROBIN

female indian robin ragihalli 280908

and her spouse (I think..maybe he was her brother, too...who knows?)

male indian robin

Twice, we sighted the SHORT-TOED SNAKE EAGLE, once as it flew near us on the sheet rock and then soared above,

short toed snake eagle in flight 280908 ragihalli

And later, at a great distance across the Ragihalli village pond, landing on a tree:

short toed snake eagle landing

I got a chance to record its habitat:

short-toed snake eagle habitat

yellow-throated bulbul

Hope you enjoyed all that as much as I certainly don't get 3 days to do it in!
Tags: bannerghatta, birding, jlr, karnataka, lalbagh, ntp, photography

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