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...and that's not someone whom you've been married to for many years.

I just got the time (see the time) to download the HUNNERTS of pics from Agumbe, as well as the Navaratri visits and Puja pandal visits that I made today...and...


I recollect having lent it to a friend at Agumbe, but can't recollect if she gave it back or not. (At Agumbe, one of the young men working at the research station lost his camera.) Well, if it's with my friend, it's at the OTHER END of town...and if it's not....I'll have to buy another one PRONTO...

So...I can't show you all those wonderful butterflies and scorpions and snakes (all you non-wildlife types, stop saying "Yeugh!")...I can't see them properly myself.

Note to myself. Do NOT depend on aforementioned sieve-like memory if you lend things to others.
Tags: birding, forest, photography

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