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Friends..are wonderful

I have a long-standing condition called spondylosis, which sometimes escalates into spondylitis (-itis=inflammation). Since early this morning, my head has been spinning and I have hardly been able to keep my balance. I have just been --literally-- lying low, just about getting my household chores done, and not even opening my laptop, you can imagine how bad it must be!

So I was completely touched when a friend called up and asked, "I came to the computer just now, no blog entry from are you? Are you OK and in town?"

Being missed is one of the nicest things that can happen to shows that one is liked, if not loved.

So let me update...on Saturday and Sunday, KM took the JLRNTP course that Karthik conducts ( I will help him with the material from Friday), and we had some really phenomenal sightings.....BLACKBUCK, GAUR, WILD BOAR, the ASIAN PARADISE FLYCATCHER, the EURASIAN EAGLE OWL, the GREY-BELLIED CUCKOO, the BLUE-FACED MALKOHA, the ASHY DRONGO, and so on.....

Karthik is such an amazing repository of knowledge....

This group of NTP consisted of 11 people who belong to a wildlife group called Junglescapes, about whom more anon.

But meanwhile, just in case any more of you missed me, too....

The birds never lose an opportunity to be extremely disrespectful to me, and when this RED-VENTED BULBUL saw me, he decided to show me that he was, indeed, a red-vented bulbul...


You could say he really "vented" on me!

Tomorrow, more pics from Bannerghatta, and also, some excellent marketing techniques for a VERY eco-friendly product that is familiar to you all....
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