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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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How to market something
There was a time when we could just go and buy a "jhAdoo" (grass broom), paying some piddly amount. But no longer. Buying brooms is practically a hypermarket experience now. And to inviegle the buyer, let's see how brooms are marketed:

First, of course, the all-important BRANDING. Nothing will be sold except if it is a brand, never mind that the brand is even funnier than the product:

monkey brand brooms 091008

I love thinking about the artist who designed that lovely pic of a houseproud monkey holding a broom!

Then, of course, come the CLAIMS. This is not any old brand, dear customer, it is....

india's largest selling broom

(They know perfectly well,you have NO way of verifying that claim. And if challenged, they would add, "On Alternate Saturdays When the Wind Is From The North" or something like that.)

Then, of course, make it MODERN and CONTEMPORARY. Any claim such as the one following will do:

21st century broom

The FEATURES of every product must be enumerated as attractively as possible:

features of the broom

"Tall Garo Hills grass" brings images of the North East and almond-eyed tribal women beating the grass (er, until you look back at that squatting monkey). Did you know grass could be flexible and long-lasting? Next time someone tells you, "All flesh is as grass," disagree with them. Tell them about Garo Hills grass (and don't smoke it.)

DON'T miss the "perfumed and thick virgin plastic handle". A perfumed broom handle? Wotonerth?? ( what are thick virgins, I wonder....)

And I have NO clue where this tamperproof laminate which retains moisture and enhances durability is....is that the cover of the broom (which you are going to throw away) that they are talking about? If so, what an innovative way of describing plastic!

And lastly (but not leastly)....give some DIRECTIONS..how to store, how to use, and how to dispose of that "thick virgin plastic" handle.


The only thing not mentioned is...how to dispose of the plastic cover which has all this fascinating brand, features and directions...maybe they think we should keep it, in sheer admiration.

It would be my guess that all this printing and production is responsible for a broom that (without that cover) costs Rs.22, turning (hey presto!) into a broom that costs Rs.45....

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You know probably these chaps are the "largest broom exporters" too, that last photo with the instructions makes me feel that it might be you know appropriate for say the US market. To you know sweep that remains of the collapsed banks perhaps;-)

To sweep that remains of the collapsed banks perhaps;-)

Oh, LOVED that!

This was so hilarious I not only laughed out loud, I actually had tears coming out of my eyes and finally had to go and get my asthma inhaler.

:) Can you imagine that a trip to my kirana shop to get groceries could entertain me so much!?

Deepa garu,

Take a bow!
You have a great skill of deriving humor in situations
where normal humans cannot.


where normal humans cannot

oh, oh, oh...what does that make me!!! :)

>oh, oh, oh...what does that make me!!! :)

You are good at coining new words - so I let you do the honor :-)

This reminds me of an incident, when one of my friends was yelling, "this is NOT normal!" and another was trying to reply in Hindi, "sab normal hai!" and the first friend got offended, asking, "what do you mean...'subnormal' hai?"

So I guess... hum sab normal hain,...or...hum "subnormal" hain! :)

Ha Ha Ha!. Good Morning @Noon

This may be is an apt accolade -
You 'swept' us of the seats with this humorous post.

You mean, "take a broom"!

LOL!! Nice post! I think we use "Monkey". So, it's probably the largest selling broom ;-)

Oh...how many thousands of them do you buy every week?!

We've been buying it(and an other brand -- 555, I think) since early 90s.

It used to have very funny ads on TV pretty long back featuring the actor who plays the role of a guy who takes Kamal Haasan's beautifully packed gifts in Pushpak, and opens it!! :-D

Virgin plastic means that it is not recycled and it is recyclable.

Perfumed handles!? yuck!


I know about virgin plastic, but "thick virgin" got me laughing!

I have this picture of the monkey sniffing the handle of the broom carefully before going to work...cheers me up in my worst moods!

As Rajni Sir would say,
Naan oru broom vaangina noor broom vaangina maathri ;-)

LOVED that comment!

I *MUST* have you in the crowd on Saturday I say....please take A and N's permission if they can't make it, but I *need* you and your sense of humour....

Aah! The innovations of adevertising! Atleast this would satisfy the environmentalists. :)

Oh, definitely so...we use cloth and grass brooms for our cleaning, and I don't use "phenyle" or "window cleaning agents" either....that IS eco-friendly. :) Or I let things get dirty which is EVEN more eco-friendly!

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