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I am very interested in the fact that someone I met recently says he practices Buddhism. Most of us just "go with the flow" and stick to the religion we have been brought up with; very few of us think deeply enough and introspect our basic values and change our religion. When someone changes hes religion, you do wonder....Was there any major experience that made this change? Or was it just analysis and reflection which led to it? I actually find that Buddhism and Hinduism have so much in common that one can, I feel, be both at the same time. (BTW I studied Philosophy for my degree--today it would be called an "elective"-- and constantly am analysing how religion has the ability to foster both peace and hatred amongst people. In this sense, my studies have been useful to me throughout my life.)

I am now at the point where I wonder if religion today is relevant at all, or just a cloak of social and personal habits that one assumes at birth and which gets one through seems to be the source of so much strife and war that I wonder if we could do away with it...religion seems to be something which people turn to only in times of emotional need, and gods are reduced to a kind of government employee...I'll insert a thankfulness advertisement for you/sacrifice an animal for you/make a silver or gold ornament for You if You let me have this....people tell you to go this or that particular temple because "S/He grants any wish that you make!" Should religion become a kind of bargaining counter? Does God really grant you your wish if you wish hard enough or make penance--or is lifem with its joys and sorrows, ease and difficulties, predestined?
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