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Saturday Flowers....

A quickly-organized trip to the Valley School area resulted in a very pleasant Saturday morning indeed; I am trying to get some butterfly ids, but meanwhile, I thought, what better way to begin a Monday than with some beautiful flowers....

Here's a MORNING GLORY with the backlight illuminating it...

backlit morning glory

An un id PINK flower:

un id pink trumpet wildflower

These red flowers are on creepers everywhere:

un id red trumpetish wildflower

These bunches of delicate shaped lilac blooms were pretty:

un id lilac wildflower

This orange flower was probably a garden flower, but looked no less lovely against the grains of the grass:

grass and orange garden flower

Sometimes, the grass grains themselves looked lovely against the green background, we were looking at food for various kinds of birds:

grass grains

Lastly, a raindrop caught on bamboo leaves:

raindrop on bamboo leaf
Tags: bangalore, birding, flowers, kanakapura road, photography, school

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