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The Saturday birds....

Actually, Garima, who drove anushsh, Gayathri, and me to Valley School, says that the morning was "low" on sightings; yes, indeed, we did not see too many BEE-EATERS, no LARKS at all, and my usual ORIENTAL HONEY BUZZARD had probably gone to visit relatives for the weekend...but what we saw was interesting enough! One of the most leisurely poses was given by this ASIAN KOEL (male) that almost worried us, so contentedly was it sitting in the tree....

asian koel male

We started the morning with a perky ORIENTAL MAGPIE ROBIN, perched in its typical posture, on a telephone pole:

181008 valley school oriental magpie robin

A flock (is that the correct collective noun?) of COPPERSMITH BARBETS, bright and colourful, were feeding on the figs of the BANYAN tree:

181008 coppersmith barget and banyan fig

It was nice to see them enjoying their breakfast thoroughly and polishing the figs off!

181008 anush garima gayatrhi coppersmith barbet eating banyan fig valley school

As we walked down the path, I got this scene of blue, brown, white and black, as a BRAHMINY KITE made a CROW fly off from its vicinity:

brahminy kite and crow

This was the first time I have seen a PALE-BILLED FLOWERPECKER actually doing what its name says...pecking at a flower!

pale-billed flowerpecker pecking flower

A large TAMARIND tree (see those ripe fruits, yummmmm!! I feel sorry for anyone who has not had the joy of sucking on tamarind fruit and having their face go involuntarily wonky at the sourness of it) had several ROSE-RINGED PARAKEETS:

rose-ringed parakeet on tamarind tree

This was some PRINIA, but I can't make out which type it is, and have helpfully labelled my photograph "some prinia":

some prinia

I want to show you how one actually *does* see birds in the foliage; they don't come out conveniently and show themselves to us, but it's more like the photo below, where one has to quickly spot the ORIENTAL WHITE-EYES...the little beauties! as they hop around between the leaves:

oriental white eyes in foliage

But then I got this slightly less foozly shot of one:

oriental white eye

Little birds like the PURPLE-RUMPED SUNBIRD rarely come close, and one has to spot them as they move in the foliage and briefly show themselves:

purple rumped sunbird scene

Even when the birds are nicely on view, up on the wire (ironic that this bird was sitting on the wire as it is a WIRE-TAILED SWALLOW!)

wire-tailed swallow

what they do just to irritate me is to string themselves out one bird to one mile of wire,so that photographing them is tough:

wire-tailed swallows strung out

On our way home, we spotted this female INDIAN ROBIN:

indian robin female 181008

Garima was able to get a photograph of the spectacular white male ASIAN PARADISE FLYCATCHER, but I had to settle for the rufous plumage of the lady:

asian paradise flycatcher female

Next up, the butterflies, insects and others.....
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