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Never fails to fail

All these things happened today, and they do happen often enough....

When I want to use the mixie (er, food processor, you Americans!) either the motor will go phut or a power shutdown will happen.

When I have milk on the gas the phone will ring, the cordless won't work, and in the middle of an urgent conversation I will be greeted with a nice burning smell.

If I try to close my eyes because I have a headache, the doorbell, telephone, mobile....everything will ring at irregular intervals, sometimes all at once.

If I want to write an article whose deadline is just passing, the site which I want for reference will be the ONLY one that is down in the entire Internet.

Murphy is a permanent resident in my household...indeed, Murphy is very often ME! In fact, the name should be changed to MErphy....

A long weekend coming up here in India, with Monday being a holiday for Deepavali....I hope everyone has a good time!

Tags: difficulties, humour

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