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Perfect Happiness....

It's a lovely, nippy morning. A wedding to go to means I have no cooking to do, so taking it easy. I finished off the pending work on two articles yesterday.

KM is also taking it easy; I listened to his excellent analysis of the stock market to our friend, and then to his brother.

I am listening to a good concert on Arangisai (Maharajapuram Santhanam's son Srinivas has improved a lot.)

I am happy with the news from the US.

The social activist group with whom I have aligned myself has been doing great work, and they have won an interim judgement from the High Court, that will allow public access to the lakes of Bangalore and prevent them, hopefully, from becoming spaces only for the privileged.

I am in good health, as are those around me. I am surrounded by very dear friends.

Let me know a better recipe for happiness if you have one!

Here's a LOTEN'S SUNBIRD at the Valley School area; the tiny fellow (it's a male) is saying:

"Ahm found in bushy patches;
Ah don't mind the way these birders watches.
Ah lives a life of ease,
Drinking nectar, if you please....
And when ah itches, ah scratches."

Loten's sunbird

Sunbirds are small, but spectacular birds, that are our equivalent of the hummingbirds found in other parts of the world. We have no hummingbirds in India.

OK, off to have a nice hot-water bath, another great luxury....

Tags: birding, happiness

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