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Too good not to mention

From a chat with my daughter:

Some friends' parents travelled to the US to visit, and at Customs and Immigration, the officials pulled out a small bottle of Amruthanjan and asked what it was. "Oh, don't worry!" the couple said confidently, "It's only a balm!"

The couple apparently then spent three and a half hours at the airport with lynx-eyed security men....

Reminds me of when my father in law went to visit KM's brother who was living in Manhattan, 51st St and Columbus, close to Spanish Harlem. He wanted to buy some homeopathic medicines, and thinking that pharmacies were called drugstores, wandered around, asking, hopefully, "Drugstore? Drugstore?" , and someone who didn't hear him properly came up softly and said, "You want drugs, man? Come along with me!" My petrified father in law retraced his steps very quickly indeed...

It also reminds me of this post of mine about Bombs

Meanwhile, here's a cute little squirrel at Lalbagh...

squirrel on rock lalbagh 061108
Tags: humour, lalbagh, pain, photography, squirrel, word play

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