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The ...Building A House Sparrow
On the way back home from our Ragihalli trip, we stopped at what I call the Ragihalli Restaurant (no, you won't find it unless I take you...the proprietrix wiped out her children's homework being done (in chalk) on the table when we ordered "chai" for all of us!)

lady cleaning children's homework ragihalli village 171108

(Here's a sample of the children's schoolwork elsewhere on the walls)

children's homework ragihalli village

(That's how homework is done, 20 km from the IT giants of the world....!)

and we noticed this little male HOUSE SPARROW:


He was on the basket that contained broken pieces of cement and granite, and it was obvious he was busy building up his nest! So we watched him....

He had a small piece of hay in his mouth at first:

male sparrow with nesting material 171108 ragihalli village

He apparently didn't, finally, want such a small piece of nesting material, so he dropped it.

He then flew across the road to this little shop kept, probably, by these two people:

two people at the shop they probably own ragihalli village 171108

You can see the two casuarina-and-palm-frond pillars that support the thatch that gives shade to the shopfront.

From the thatch, he took a lot of effort to pull out some dried grass:

171108 sparrow taking material from thatch ragihalli village

He brought it carefully down to near our feet:

sparrow with hay piece 171108

He then wrestled it into position to be carried...

sparrow wrestling with hay

Off he went, to his little home in the rolling shutter of the building door:

sparrow's nest ragihalli village

This sparrow has a great deal in common with my "sambandhi"...my son in law's mother..both are architects who have designed and built their own homes!

Well satisfied with the delightful way the House Sparrow's House was shaping up, we left; since many Bangaloreans are worried about the decline in sparrow populations, we are hoping that we will see more sparrows in Ragihalli, at least, in the near future!


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Good capture of the sparrow building the house. Nice!

(Deleted comment)
Hey...not to worry...they are making quite a comeback, and are plentifully found even in areas such as Basavanagudi and K R Market. Theories abound as to why their levels fell...but they ARE to be seen again.

(Deleted comment)
Hi Noella, long time no hear! :) Thank you.

I think my earlier guess that "u r into this field" was right.. A classic piece of description about the humble sparrows.. Just loved it.. Pic-4 is a stand-out attraction..

As always, yet another lovely photo-documentary :)

Lovely posr

Wonderful pictures of Mr. Sparrow, I miss seeing the little "gupachis"

- DS

Deepa......charming!!! enjoyed it thoroughly!

Lovely to see you here Anjali...hope to meet you soon! When are you back in Bangalore? Thanks for the encouraging words!

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