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No Blog Day?

Here's a post from prashanthks...

Do you agree? I don't...

Since I don't spread rumours, don't pontificate (well, ONE post about security is surely not too bad), don't add grist to the news-ad-infinitum mill, I don't think there's anything wrong in my blogging.

In fact, I think that a wall of silence will probably *also* work in the terrorists' favour, that they have been able to stop normal activity. Carrying on with one's normal activity, to me, is the best way to thwart the terrorists.'s my blogpost for the day; this is one of the few Saturdays when I have not gone birding, so I am at home.

Sorry Kuku....

I want to say, I am thinking of all those whose lives have been affected by what's happening...all the you-and-me people who can't go on with normality...
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