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I have always been keen on exercise on regular basis as both my parents had cardiac problems and, indeed, my mother was a mass of a result, I am happy to say that though I am genetically predisposed towards some illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, and asthma, I do not suffer from any of these, and I consider myself quite fit and healthy... I walk 5 km every day, swim non-stop for 45 minutes....I don't want to suffer like my mother did....

...and then, just to puncture my ego, the eternal spondylosis and the new condition (is it panniculitis? is it sacro-ilietis? doctors are still finding out) come along to spoil my day....this morning, I have been hardly able to stand upright, and the depression that goes with being unwell has me in its grip.

So, am I healthy or unhealthy? I do not have any of the illness that are usual at my age, but these two conditions do make my life miserable occasionally...What an imperfect container the human body is, for the mind, the heart and the soul!

Obviously, feeling better, and am posting about it now....
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