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Article On...and Off

I had got the go-ahead from Citizen Matters to do an article about the Tour Of Nilgiris initiative that my cyclist friends in Bangalore have put together in a most professional way.

But..later, I was told that Hari Shenoy, who is going on the tour, will be writing an article, so I need not write one. :(

Details of the Tour Of Nilgiris are


But...I most certainly am not thinking of doing a rattle-my-bones-and-prevent-me-from-sitting-down-for-a-month huggge ride like that...I can't do 919 km on a cycle, fossilized as I am; it would be, quite literally, the last thing I do!

But....if you blog about the tour, you can also enter the blogging contest ..imagine going through the Nilgiris for a week! :))))) I am drooling over the picture of that tent, though...I can do *that* quite well!

But.... all you friends....this is a great initiative which these guys have organized, and they have done such a great job of pulling it all together, involving this list of Bangalore people:

Title Sponsor and Food Caterer: Nilgiris 1905
Official Accessory Partner: Wildcraft
Official Radio Partner: Radio Indigo 91.9FM (which is why tour is 919 km)
Official Medical Assistance Partner: Manipal Hospital
Official Print Partner: Time Out Bengaluru
Official Documentation Partner: Flaunge

I *would* love to be their official blogger, even though I cycle on my LRT(Litte Rattle Trap) and I have only two more gears than the number of baskets I have on that cycle....

So anyone who is cycling out visit the TFN site...and come out, at least, on the morning of 25th of December and cheer these people on..they are a great mixed lot, starting from a 11-year about them all on the site.

I've used so many "but"s in my post that I will have to do a takeoff on Rohan and Nikhil's Bums On The Saddle" , and call this post "Buts on the Saddle".
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