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Things which make me go BLECCH

Hackneyed, I-wish-they-would-lock-them-up-forever phrases:

"The need of the hour" (why not the minute? the second? the day?)

"At this point in time" (why can't they say "now"?)

"be there for someone" (instant nausea-inducing phrase)

"you can be rest assured that..." (don't they know that one can rest assured? I feel that they think "restassured" is one word, and they are mistaking it for "reassured"...they mean "you can be reassured" and actually say, "you can be restassured".. this just occurred to me,do you agreee with this interpretation?)

"Me and so-and-so went to...." (I am used to, "So-and-so and I went.."..I was taught that it is impolite to put oneself first.)

"I will reach it to you." (I am used to, "I will send it to you", or " I will see that it reaches you." Reach in my English is not a transitive verb.)

"Avail of this offer" (Avail in my English is a reflexive verb; you have to avail *yourself* of an offer.)

"I wanted to pull her legs." (The idiom is, pulling one's leg, not both legs....)

I think I will keep adding to the list; I am getting used to them as part of the evolution of the language, but it's taking a while! And, of course, when I see someone making quotation marks with their fingers, I cringe, too...

Meanwhile, as we went on our Shivaji Nagar heritage walk, I suddenly spotted a sign that told me what walk it was that we were actually doing...not a Bangalore walk, not a Bollywood walk....

bollwood walk

but a Bollwood walk! It caught my attention, but didn't make me buy that footwear for KM!

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