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deponti to the world

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Tiger At Kaziranga....Warning, Lousy Photographs
Since it looks as if we are returning home only next year :D, and I have got the computer for just a little while, I think I will also post my lousy tiger photographs from Kaziranga...

It was the 13th of December, and we had nearly finished the safari in the Eastern Range, and were photographing the Black-Capped Kingfisher using the last of the light available, when our guide, Polash Bora, suddenly pricked up his ears. So did I, and I heard what he did...a lot of alarm calls. We slowly moved forward down the bank of the canal, and there, in the gloaming sat a fully-grown male tiger....

tiger lying kazi3 131208

He did look a lot different from the other tigers I have seen in India (north India, mind you. The SIT does NOT exist until I sight one!)

tiger look 131208 kazi e

What was fascinating was that when HE looked at the deer grazing off to his left, he assumed a skulking position. Here was a Crouching Tiger, and no, we did not see a Hidden Dragon:

tiger skulking kazi e 131208

He remained like that for a few minutes; I put down the camera and decided to just watch, as the light was very poor anyway. (Almost all my tiger sightings have been those of Dusky Tigers, no matter HOW orange they may have been!) We were hoping that we would be watching a hunt, and tried to contain our excitement.

But alas, our excitement contained itself quite quickly when, for some reason, he gave up the idea of a meal, and got up from his "let's have a look at the menu" pose:

tiger walking away e kazi 131208

And he wheeled around and walked away, melting noiselessly into the bushes:

tiger walking 131208 kazi e

This post is dedicated to anirudhc, and I hope he gets to see his first big cat soon!

The rest of the mammals and the wonderful birds of Kaziranga once I get back home....

Here's to all you LJ friends, who have been a great bunch, always; I have been very lucky in knowing many of you face to face, and here's wishing you all good health, happiness, and peace of mind in the year that's coming up!

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I was born in the Chinese year of the Tiger, so how fortunate you are to see one IRL. Happy New Year, my friend.

Er...what is IRL?

Happy 2009 to you, too! Am SO glad you are having a good time...a sense of peace came out of the last few posts that I read..you were home....

(Deleted comment)
Hey! Yappy 2009 to you, want to join for the Blr Bird Race? Call me if you do...I can put 2 others with you and Vidhya in your car....I am trying to form groups.

Sorry, IRL = in real life.

Great to see a tiger from Kaziranga. Good luck with the SIT!


Hopefully, 2009 will be the year....! :)

Ah good.. It's good to spot a tiger in the wild.. even if it is on a dusky evening..

waiting for black capped kf pic..

-Sandeep R

When I get all the photos uploaded, it will appear....!

Looks like you finally got to take some nice pics of tigers.

pics of a nice tiger, yes....nice pics of a tiger, no! :) Those are fairly bad photos, but since the light was bad, I am not at fault!

No it wasnt ur fault at all. I sincerely liked your pics of the tiget...even if it was only one. :)

Your EIT has Mongoloid features, heh heh.... was he a young male? I saw a young male in Bandhavgarh doing something similar when he saw a herd of chital, but they bolted and left him bereft...


Was that guy also this orange? The colour was really striking, like well-made gaajar halwa.... not the usual tawny colour but bright orange.

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