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Good health....

I have been laid low by the hip injury from the fall (er, since we saw Monkey Falls and Elephant Falls and just plain Water Falls on the way to Valparai, I guess it was unavoidable to have a Deponti Falls) and a severe migraine-y headache today....and my heart goes out to those who suffer ill health.

Those of us who enjoy good health, really cannot understand the difficulties and the daily depression that is faced by those whose health is less than perfect. Imagine never being able to feel that "top-of-the-world" feeling that good health brings; being dependent on someone else; being limited in one's activities, or diet....

Yes, I do try to visualize it in my present headachy state, but I know that I will not really be able to put myself in the shoes of those who are ill, day after day....I can only vaguely feel how awful it must be.

Good health...a wonderful treasure, a great blessing. Let me enjoy the fact that I am in good health, and count myself very fortunate indeed. photographs....
Tags: health, illness, musing, philosophy

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