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Conflict of Interest!

I am deeply interested in classical music and do not know much about north Indian classical music, so I tape the "Ninaad" programme that comes on Star Utsav every morning from 5.30 to 6.30 am, and watch it later in the afternoon while I am working on my computer writing...many artistes talk about the raag they are going to sing, about their Gharaanaas, and so is a great learning experience and wonderful music too. The visuals are also good,apart from the visuals of the artistes, there are lovely shots, sometimes of noteworthy ancient monuments, or just scenes from Nature.

And I have recently started birdwatching somewhat in earnest, after the Naturalist Training Program....

....So today, when I was watching the programme on my VCR, they showed a cool woodland vista, and when I looked at it, I immediately said (out loud, too!)"That's a Rosy Pastor they are showing!" (I had just seen a tree full of them in Bannerghatta National Park)....I realized I wasn't listening to the music at all.

I am still laughing at myself...and feeling JUST a little foolish, too!
Tags: birding, humour, music, television

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