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Suddenly, the temperature in Bangalore has shot up after a few days of brrrr-ing...and at Valley School, the signs of Spring have appeared...

new leaves 250109 VS

In the Western hemisphere, Spring may be a time of release from the clutches of the cold, but here, it's a time when the hot season begins to take hold; especially in Bangalore, where summer arrives earlier than the rest of the country, rather fiercely by mid-February (it also ends with the monsoon, much earlier than the rest of the country!)....but at this time, the mornings are still pleasant.

Several trees are flowering, and the sunbirds take advantage of that...

loten's sunbird VS 250109

New life is ...springing forth, and it's a great time to be outdoors!

Now you know why I enjoy my birding trips even if I don't sight a single bird....
Tags: bangalore, birding, photography, school, weather

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