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The Eagles...

Spent a lovely afternoon playing board games, and then a very pleasant evening with VV ...and learnt a lot more about him, and about the Eagles.

VV is both a guitarist and flautist (no, that doesn't mean he flauts the rules) and seems to straddle eastern and western music with ease...and when we got to talking about difficulties with the guitar, I mentioned how AM had been very frustrated, trying to reproduce what the Eagles played in the song, "Hotel California", he instantly put on the song for us...and we all enjoyed that marvellous piece of guitar-playing. He told us that there were 6 box guitars and one bass guitar playing....and that when the Eagles broke up, and someone asked, when they would get back together again, the reply had been, "When hell freezes over."

So when they got back...just once...., they made an album which was called "Hell Freezes Over" favourites in that album are Tequila Sunrise and, of course...Hotel California...quite literally, "haunting" lyrics, and music that makes me lose myself!

Want to hear it?

Here it is:

Oh...that guitar-playing....
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