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Images from Valley School..

I think that I shall never get
A good pic of the Blue-Faced Malkohet.
(Actually, the name of the bird
Is not Malkohet...that's absurd.)
But the stupid Malkoha
Sees my lens... and does Yoga.
It twists and turns and always goes
Into some weird writhing pose.
So I will stop photography
Of that stupid Malkohy....

blue-faced malkoha 310109 VS 20D
Blue-Faced Malkoha Valley School 310109

But the colours of are the amazing colours on the fresh new shoots on the Banyan tree (yes, that large one right at the end of the open path!)

310109 banyan shoots VS 20D

The stark red of the Scarlet Morning Glory is beautiful, too...

red wildflower VS 310109

Here's something that someone who is actually 22 years old sent me:

Funny how markings on a sheet of paper can move you to tears!
Tags: birding, flowers, kanakapura road, leaves, lyric, photography, poetry, school, song

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