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Why do we like these kind of names?

I have noticed them all around, signboards like these:

yeftee automobiles 310109


yesbee electronics 030209

and so on....why do we like to make words out of initials and then use them as names? KM used to work for an organization where the people were not called by name, or even by their designation, but by the initials of that designation.

Within a day or two of his joining this company as Marketing Manager, I called up the board and asked to speak to Mr KM. I got a blank response, followed by , "Oh! You mean, Yum Yum!" and I was connected. I learnt always to ask for my spouse as if he was a sweet dish (which he certainly was NOT, at work.) A promotion made him the Gee Yum. Then, things turned sad as he became the Weepy. But when he rose another notch in the organization, and became the President of a division, I was petrified that I would have to talk to Pee! But thank goodness, at that point, the switchboard operator and his secretary always referred to him as "President" as if he was running a country ( even the US!)....

I made an LJ post about this many moons ago, but I don't think I knew about tags, then, so I can't be bothered to find it now...

Well, I do think M&M's can quite rightly be referred to as Yum and Yums...but no, I am not married to Kay Yum, thank you very much!
Tags: humour, initials, name, photography, signboard

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