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A few more images from the INTACH Heritage Walk 080209

At the Heritage Walk, we were not the only beings watching the world go by:

050209 cat avenue road heritage walk intach

After the hot sunny walk, if one wanted a Badam Shake, one could get it at:

badam saik cart 080209 ave rd

I really loved the canny pricing of this one:

with 6 without 7 080209 avenue road

True to the marketing policy of charging more when something is NOT added! (In this case, water, presumably, that comes in several different flavours, typhoid, salmonella, jaundice, and so on...)

And...beat this one for honesty...

cheap hall ave rd 080209

This is as opposed to the parents of a bride looking for a wedding hall.they want "hall cheap"!
Tags: avenue tree, bangalore, heritage, humour, photography, signboard, walk

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