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Old Tamizh movie songs...

I usually listen to the songs on old Tamizh movies as I sit and type and just got to hear that beautiful song, "Parakkum, panthu parakkum"....and I tried to google for it, and found that the movie running on my TV set is "paNakkAra kudumbam" (Rich family). But when I tried to get the YouTube video of the song, I got the message that it has been removed due to "terms of use violation". This seems to be the problem with several other Tamizh film song videos as well.

Where would I be able to get a youtube of this delightful song (where the rhythm of the song is maintained by the "pock" of the shuttlecock being hit by the badminton rackets!)? Would be grateful if someone could send me a link...
Tags: delete, music, song, tamizh, youtube

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