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A very, very old one...

When I was young, I listened to the radio...really, because Musical Band Box was on during Sunday afternoons. My parents did not like "western" music, but I fell in love with the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, and all the rest, and would listen to this radio programme quietly, with the old Murphy valve radio turned on, but with the round volume dial turned down low....

And this song, which must have been one of the earliest "rap" songs, was one that I loved...

I can't find a video of it, perhaps it's too old for that, but here are the lyrics:

Lorne Green Lyrics

Ringo Lyrics


They lie in boot hills all through the west.
The outlaws, the gunslingers, the Billy the Kids and worse.
Say a fella like the coward that shot Bill Hickock in the back.
Theres always one like that in every time of history.
Most of them were varmints, but every once in a while, in one of them,
there may have lived a man...

Spoken lyrics:

He lay face down in the desert sand
clutching a six gun in his hand
Shot from behind I thought he was dead
for under his heart was an once of lead
But a spark still burned so I used my knife
and late that night I saved the life
of Ringo

I nursed him 'til the danger passed
the days went by he mended fast
and then from dawn 'til setting sun
he practiced with that deadly gun
and hour on hour I watched in awe
No human being could match the draw
of Ringo

One day we rode the mountain crest
and I went east and he went west
I took to law and wore a star
while he spread terror near and far
with lead and blood he gained such fame
all through the west they feared the name
of Ringo

I knew someday I'd face the test
which one of us would be the best
and sure enough the word came down
that he was holed up in the town
I left the posse out on the street
and I went in alone to meet

They said my speed was next to none
but my lightning draw had just begun
when I heard a blast that stunned my wrist
The gun went flying from my fist
and I was looking down the bore
of the deadly 44
of Ringo

They say that was the only time
that anyone had seen him smile
He slowly lowered his gun and then
he said to me "We're even, friend."
And so at last I understood
that there was still a spark of good
in Ringo

I blocked the path of his retreat
he turned and stepped into the street
a dozen guns spit fire and lead-

A moment later
he lay dead

The town began to shout and cheer
Nowhere was there shed a tear
for Ringo

The story spread throughout the land
that I had beaten Ringo's hand
and it was just the years they say
that made me put my guns away
but on his grave they can't explain
the tarnished star above the name
of Ringo

I was young, and Ringo's fate brought a tear to my eye...for a moment now, as I read the words, the vanished suns of my lost youth shone upon me again, and I was back in Calcutta on a hot muggy Sunday afternoon, with the fan lazily creaking, listening close to the loudspeaker cones behind the old radio....
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