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What the internet means to me

I am so totally amazed by the power of the net...well, obviously, I am not intelligent enough to grasp its overall significance for the planet Earth, but as far as it has impacted that most important person in the universe, namely, me...

Parts of my past years in terms of music, ideas, people....are all now accessible to me on the internet.

I find it so easy to write articles and give links to the various topics that I want to touch upon. So easy to share the images that I, and others, have made. I get feedback instantly on what I write...

I am in touch with so many people across the world that it's only lack of time (or lack of inclination) that keeps me from being constantly in touch! And it's still incredible to me that I am in touch real-time with people halfway across the world. No more waiting to pay large sums of money for a three-minute faint, atatic-filled call which mostly goes by in everyone crowding around the phone asking, "How are you?" I am so...connected when I choose to be.

So many of my face-to-face friends are on the net, too, and vice versa. And I have so many close friends that I am never likely to meet, either.

Because I carefully chose the ponds I would like to paddle in, the dangers of the internet don't bother me. (And I agree, there ARE deadly dangers lurking there.)

There is just SO much information available out there, and hopefully, some of it will be processed into knowledge in my's like the entire sum of knowledge is out there, available, free...that does stagger me.

I always think that the future holds things that cannot be visualized right now. Thirty years ago, would anyone have been able to predict accurately at the way the web covers the earth today?

Here's a nice image to begin the day with:

baby bonnet macaque namada chilume

No, it is not a childhood self-portrait.

I am rapidly approaching the 2500 image limit on my Photobucket site!

And yet, there are the places where the net is unknown, unheard of...we do live in several worlds at once!
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