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Brings a smile to my face...

I have been struggling with writer's block for a few years, and have just recently been able to get back (partly because of the discipline of writing regularly for my blog) to writing "middles" and articles for the local newspaper. Ammu Joseph once told me to start writing for the magazines, but I didn't know how or where to send it in.

It was therefore a thrill to get this email today:

Hi there,

I am S,from Sanctuary Asia.

We would like to reproduce your lovely write up in

Please approve of this fast.

Regards, S

I am now looking like that strange species, the Uplifted Cheshire Cat-bird! It's as if you are wandering in the maze of mirrors and suddenly a way opens up! Perhaps a small joy, but a joy nevertheless....

Wish me luck everyone...
Tags: article, birding, humour, jlr, magazine, newspaper, ntp

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