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I put that in quotation marks because that's how my friend Chandrashekhar Bandi said it, when he sent me this image:


Chandu is one of the nicest people I know. He is perpetually volunteering his services for some cause or the other, and is an unfailingly cheerful and calm person (of course his wife and mother will disagree on that, I am sure!)

Here's what he has to say about the photograph:

"I feel Life is ajourney with mystery...the journey clear at times and at times clouded with fears. .insecurities.."

My thoughts on seeing this image:

Fade and recede, into the distance..
A few years hence
A random thought may find us
Recollecting, and remind us
Of where we have been,
Of what we have seen,
And whence
Come the tracks of thoughts like these....

And another friend's thought about it?

"How much we find comfort in associating life with man-made structures....the structures come from our interpretations ... and not the other way round"

The power of an image to provoke thoughts...!

Chandu uses an S3,just like me, but unlike me, he doesn't go about dropping it...

Thank you Chandubandi...that's a lovely, haunting image of travel, impermanence, and ghostly remembrance.....
Tags: friends, imagination, memories, ntp, photography, poetry, verse

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