deponti (deponti) wrote,

K sera sera...

When I went to the Malleswaram Heritage Walk, my beloved MLC fell to the ground, and though it was in a bag, it still broke...and the camera guy told me that it would cost "more than 3K" (that more-than sounds ominous!)....

Yesterday we went to attend the wedding of fellow NTP-er, sainath (can you imagine, I can't post a pic of him and his very beautiful bride, as there is no MLC!)...and, a very rare occurrence for me, I had decided to take the car.

So naturally, an autorickshaw (I don't know WHERE the driver was looking, he could not have hit me if he had been looking ahead) hit the car broadside on, on the left-hand-side, and when we stopped to look at the damage, he ran away. We spent a lot of time trying to see how we could file an FIR at the nearest police station....

It turned out that if the damages were anything less than 7K,it doesn't make sense to claim insurance, as we would lose the no-claim bonus for the next two years, and that would amount to a loss of today, the tinker-job garage told me that it would be done for 6.5K...and we are not claiming insurance, which is anyway a big pain...

That flapping noise that you hear is all those K's flying out of our pockets quite quickly....! That's why I feel that worrying about money is futile...K sera sera....whatever (expenses) will be, will be!

We still managed a lovely weekend, though!
Tags: autos, driving, expenses, jlr, ntp, traffic, weekend

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