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The next Naturalists' Training Program (level 1) at JLR Bannerghatta

I don't need to mention how I value the NTP that I took in March 2006. It's given me access to Karthik's immense knowledge, and brought me a lot of on-the-net and face-to-face friends, all of whom have unstintingly helped me in my learning about birds and wildlife.

So let me announce the next NTP....

Here's the email from JLR:

Greetings from Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd.!
We are pleased to inform you that the dates for the next Naturalists Training Programme has been finalised. The details of the programme are as follows.

Date : March 27-29, 2009
Venue : JLR's Bannerghatta Nature Camp, Bannerghatta National Park
Fee : Rs. 4250/- (incl. board, lodge, training, workshop material and kit)
Registrations : Will be on first come first serve basis as there are limited seats available. A passport size photograph is necessary for registration.
Last Date : On or before March 17, 2009
The application form to register for this programme is attached. Please download the form, fill it in and courier the same to me along with a cheque or alternately you can come by to our office to complete the formalities. In either case, make sure the formalities are completed on or before the last date. Those interested may kindly register or write back to me for any clarifications.

A tentative schedule for the programme is given below.
Best wishes,

Chief Naturalist
Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd.
II Floor, Shrungar Shopping Centre
M.G.Road, Bangalore - 560 001.
Tel:080-25597021 / 24 / 25 ; Mobile : 9449599777
Fax : 080-25586163



3-day Naturalist Training Program March 20 -22, 2009

Day 1:

0900 – Reporting at Bannerghatta

0930 – Arrival at Campsite and welcome drink

1000 – Icebreaker

1030 – Introduction/Overview of Trg Prog : Who is a Naturalist? Role of a Naturalist

1130 – Biodiversity in India

1300 – Lunch

1400 – Introduction to Birds and Birdwatching; Tips for Birdwatching

1600 – Tea

1630 – Nature trail

1900 – Film

2000 – Dinner

Day 2:

0600 – Tea

0630 – Nature trail

0900 – Breakfast and free time

1000 – Discussion on nature trail

1100 – Bird behaviour

1230 – Free time

1300 – Lunch

1400 – Introduction to some common birds

1500 – Visit to Bio park / Plant-Animal interaction

1600 – Tea

1630 – Nature trail

1900 – Film

Day 3:

0600 – Tea

0630 – Nature trail

0930 – Breakfast and free time

1030 – Urban wildlife

1145 – Why save wildlife?

1245 – Interactive feedback; Questionnaire

1330 – Lunch

1430 - Disperse

I have personally found the NTP of immense value... in terms of information and friends and the whole learning process!
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