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The next Naturalists' Training Program (level 1) at JLR Bannerghatta

I don't need to mention how I value the NTP that I took in March 2006. It's given me access to Karthik's immense knowledge, and brought me a lot of on-the-net and face-to-face friends, all of whom have unstintingly helped me in my learning about birds and wildlife.

So let me announce the next NTP....

Here's the email from JLR:

Greetings from Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd.!
We are pleased to inform you that the dates for the next Naturalists Training Programme has been finalised. The details of the programme are as follows.

all the details if you are interested...Collapse )

I have personally found the NTP of immense value... in terms of information and friends and the whole learning process!
Tags: birding, jlr, jlrntp, karthik, ntp, wildlife

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