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flowers as calendars

I looked at this photograph of some passion flowers that I took at Valley School:

small white passilfora vs 010309

And it occurred to me, that flowers make good calendars.

So I put up the picture with my thought, on this post on INW , saying that the faded red flowers are Yesterday, the blooming white ones are Today, and the buds are Tomorrow...

And a comment from someone made me think of these words in Hindi...

kal,Aj, aur kal

manAthEy hain yEh phool...

kucch ban jAthEy hai phal...

kucch sookh kar banthEy hai dhool.

(These flowers celebrate yesterday, today and tomorrow...some become fruits, and some wither and become dust...)
Tags: calendar, flowers, india, kanakapura road, nature, photography, poetry, school, verse, watch, wildlife

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