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That mark above the number 1 on the keyboard....

Someone just said that "X asked me how to type that explanation mark, the one above the numeral 1 on the keyboard." explanation mark!

How convenient if there WERE an explanation mark! Instead of typing, "Dear John, I am leaving you and running away with your friend," a lady could just hit the "explanation mark" too could a young boy with a bad report..the Romeo could just type a single character to his girlfriend about his standing her up....

There would be no need for instruction manuals. Every camera or gadget would come with just this one keystroke.

There would be no exams or thesis defences either....

Q. Explain in detail the Bessemer process .

A. no answer, only that explanation mark! Every student would always get full marks!

Come to think of it, the "a href" stuff and the parentheses that I put wiki and internet refernces behind...they ARE explanation marks of a kind!
Tags: explanation, humour, writing

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