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I *CANNOT* believe this...

amoghavarsha and Sanath,as I said, went off to BRT. I specifically told them, since they were going without me they were bound to spot a tiger. They scoffed at this remark.

Amogh called just now...guess what....*AND* no photos, I think, I couldn't hear him clearly enough.

I am torn between feeling ecstatic that they spotted a south indian tiger and despair that I am never ever going to see one...If I could get my hands on that William Blake I would teach him how to write poetry. "Tiger, tiger, burning bright,/In the forests of the night", inDEED!!

Hereis MY version of the first few lines:

Tiger,tiger, hiding low
Not a stripe of you doth show
What immortal hand or eye
Couldst feel or see you? Not I, not I!!

Waiting for all the details...all my wildlifer friends have taken to either saying "Sorry!" outright, or announcing their sighting in an apologetic tone of voice to me!!


For all non-wildlifers..the tigers in Bannerghatta National Park don't count ( I don't mean they are anumerate, I mean they are too used to humans and lack that authentic "tiger in the wild" look.)
Tags: bandipur, humour, jlr, karnataka, tiger, verse, wildlife

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