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The death of the MLC....

I got a call from the Canon Service Centre yesterday; apparently, after replacing the zoom unit, they found the camera still wouldn't work, and needed a couple of more (read expensive) things replaced as well. The young woman who called said that the cost would now cross 12K.

Yes, it's only a material possession, I know. But for the last year and a half, I have truly enjoyed the Canon Powershot S3IS . I got it in June 2007, and took it to Tanzania, where I got many nice videos; I used the supermacro function a lot, and street photography, and low-light photography (which the S3 is NOT supposed to be good for) worked pretty well. My play reviews were so much better when backed up by a photograph!

And...the number of interesting scenes, people, situations, signboards that my MLC has captured for has really given me a lot of joy. I also did get to know the camera, and its capabilities, really well. As I am NOT a gadget person, this, too has been a source of satisfaction to me.

I am thinking about buying a new camera, because I do want that video function to document the usual "I have the best grand-daughter on Planet Earth" baby stuff, but I hope I will document other interesting-to-everyone stuff too.

Should I go in for the Canon SX10, or should I buy another camera? itsalouwelylife and mohanvee recently bought one that I could get used to...but the Canon SX10, at the same price, comes with the CMOS sensor....

Suggestions, please....shivakumar_l, you have already given me some pointers, any more cameras you can suggest?

I am trying not to be miserable about the death of my MLC....but it's incredible how attached I had become to really did go EVERYWHERE with me....
Tags: buying, camera, death, digital cameras, expenses, photography, suggestion

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