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Somewhere far away, when the day draws to a close....

I love the gentle melancholy of this song...

kaheen door jab din dhal jAyE

sAnjh ki dulhan badan churAyE

mErE khayAlOn kee Angan mEn

koi sapnOn kE deep jalAyE...deep jalAyE

kabhi yoon hee jab huee bOJhal saansEn

bhar Ayee baithE baithE bas yoon hee AnkhEn

kabhi machal kE pyAr sE chal kE

chhuE koi mujhE par nazar na AyE...nazar na AyE

kahi tO yEh dil kabhi mil nahin pAthE

kahin sE nikal AyE janmOn ki nAthEy

ghani thi uljhan, bairi apnA man

apnA hi hokEy sahE dard parAyE..dard parAyE


Somewhere, far away, when the day draws to a close,
The bride of Evening steals charms me
In the courtyard of my memories
Someone lights the lamp of dreams...

Sometimes, just like that, when one sighs,
The eyes fill as one just sits..
As one gets agitated,
One feel someone's touch, but cannot see who it is...

Sometimes, these hearts cannot meet,
Sometimes, the ties of several births emerge...
There were complexities,my own mind feels strange..
It bears the pain of others as one's own...

Can someone transliterate those two lines properly for me and give me the meaning please?

Update: Thank you, inspirethoughts! :)

I love the velvet of Mukesh's voice...later, Kishore Kumar sang most of Rajesh Khanna's songs.

Mukesh's songs of melancholy, such as "chal ree sajni" or "sArangA thEri yAd mEn" are great favourites of mine.

Will be writing the rest later, waiting for someone who shut off the alarm and dozed off and is now VERY late! I have been awake, as usual, since 4.30am, being always afraid of exactly the same thing, oversleeping....!
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