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Kukkerahalli Kere (Lake) Mysore, 110409

I took a sudden decision to go and show my camera to Mr K U Varghese, whom I had met on the INW meet, and ask him for a final opinion on my dear departed MLC, and also meet Madhusmita, and do some birding as well, at Kukkerahalli Lake....

While Mr Varghese was inspecting the MLC, here are the birds that we saw....

The PAINTED STORKS were nesting in the island in the middle of the lake....the name suits them so well!

painted storklanding mysore 110409

Here's a Painted Stork with a BLACK-HEADED IBIS:

110409 kukkerahalli kere mysore painted stork and black-headed ibis

I just loved this "line-up" of ducks!

duck line up mysore 110409

Some of them were SPOT-BILLED DUCKS:

spot-billed ducks mysore 110409

There were also BRONZE-WINGED JACANAS, wading around:

bronze-winged jacana mysore 120409

Up in the trees, there were WHITE-THROATED FANTAILS calling; when I tried to photograph one, of course, as usual, it showed me its fan-tail by mooning me....

120409 fantail

I got a distant and fuzzy shot of a DARTER (SNAKE BIRD) flying across the lake:

darter mysore 110409

I liked the back light on this POND HERON:

pond heron mysore k kere 110409

The winter visitors, the SPOT-BILLED PELICANS, were still around on the lake:

spot-billed pelicans mysore 110409

And after seeing the birds, as we left, I took this sunset shot for asakiyume....

110409 kukkerhalli kere sunset

A short session of birding, but really enjoyable...and on the way back home, the video being shown on the bus was that old Hindi hit, "Sholay" was nice to see the rocks and boulders of Ramnagara (that are locales for several scenes in the film) as we physically passed through the same area!

Madhu came back to Bangalore with Anush and me, and we went birding to Valley School on Sunday morning....then she took the bus back to Mysore.
Tags: birding, karnataka, kukkarahalli lake, lake, mysore, photography, wildlife

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