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Chandu's wish for our journey....

Chandu wrote:

"Have a happy n nappy time @ uncle "ballack oblamach plach " starting with a
safe and smooth, "no-missing-flights", "no-boring-co-passengers",
"no-horrible-food" flight journey initiated by a"polite-n-punctual" cab
driver who drops you off at the International Airport at the end of a day
that would start with a great birding trip @ valley school... uff one sec ,
need a breath.. ok ... relish the last summer birding trip of 2009 in India,
do look for any raptors from the flight, there are records of vultures
spotted by pilots!!
Wishing you nothing but the best!"

You DID make me Laugh Out Loud, Chandu! Thank you.

Looking for vultures in the sky while strapped into the economy class seats (or perhaps looking out of the toilet window).... and hoping that they are not going into the engine...surely the "height" of birding!! :)

Actually, as soon as we reach St Louis, we ARE going to be's the stork we will be looking out for!

I somehow have been thinkin that it will be summer in St Louis, and just now, weather dot com told me that the day temperature is....12 deg Celsius! Out are going the cottons, and the heavier tops are going in.....!
Tags: bird of prey, birding, flight, friends, humour, st.louis

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