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Things that I will miss...

Easy access to excellent, non-fattening food and filter coffee in the shot-size serving that lets me have a piping hot mouthful without worrying about either calories or caffeine intake

Arangisai in the mornings

thEin's songs were from balE pAndiyA and pArtthAl pasi theerum! (No, I am not prepared to shell out $120 or so to get that single program in the US.)

Easy access to the forested areas, with a multitude of birds

The wonderful friends who surround me and KM and make life soooo fantastic to live in Bangalore..totally non-judgemental, totally non-ageist...they make us feel at least 20 years younger and sprightlier than we are!

The ability to walk (a very pleasant walk, with great company) to lots and lots of plays in a great theatre space

All the Bangalore stuff (garbage clearance, anti-plastic drive, anti tree-felling, WBC ....Walking, Cycling, Busing... and writing about all these and more!) that I am so interested and involved in...I plan no voluntary work in the near future

But...I have been looking through my St Louis posts, and realize that when one is interested in one's surroundings, there's always something to notice, appreciate, comment about, and enjoy!

The fact that it's 12 deg C in St Louis is a BIG plus! :)

Looking forward very much to TGD's (The Grand Daughter)'s arrival now...

My3,N, J, R....thank you very much for such sensible, affectionate advice. I am feeling quite confident now and I can feel the grandmotherly expertise just oozing in :)) NOW I don't think I'll let the baby's head drop!
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