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Valley School (finishing the Summer Birding Sessions for 2009)

The BULBs (Bangalore Urban Lady Birders) said they would like an outing to Valley School this morning...I am a member in good off I went, too!

We found some nice insects to photograph this time; Jai spotted a COTTON STAINER BUG flying along, and when it landed, we snapped it from the front

cotton stainer bug front 180409

And from the side!

cotton stainer bug vs 180409

Having taken the bug's portfolio, I decided to immortalize this SCARLET MARSH SKIMMER as well...

180409 scarlet marsh skimmer vs

And not even this COMMON JEZEBEL escaped my eagle (er, well) eye!

jezebel 180409

The birds...I didn't take too many photographs, and those I did didn't turn out too well...but here are a few foozly ones...

The only time I have ever got a BLUE-FACED MALKOHA out of the foliage, and I didn't focus properly (the bird was far away, as well, but still....)

blue-faced malkoha vs 180409

We saw the SILVERBILLS as we were leaving, and in the harsh light, this one posed for me:

silverbill 180409

And as usual, on my way out, I was able to spot the Oriental Honey Buzzard and this SHORT-TOED SNAKE EAGLE:

short-toed snake eagle vs 180409

I am wholly unable, however, to resist posting the photo of this INDIAN ROLLER:

indian roller vs 180409

Birders, I can hear you groaning from here!

As we were turning out on to the main road from the road leading to the Valley School, Jai pointed...and there was this scene of summer and flowers...

summer flowers 180409 vs

What a pity that the Bangalore government is intent on cutting down trees...just look what the trees can give us!

Enjoy the summer in Bangalore, local folks, while I go to the 12 deg Celsius St Louis spring!
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