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Long journey halfway across the world

One of the things I love doing on a plane ride is to have the map of the route in front of me...this time, as usual, it was lovely to see exotic names slipping past, and bringining up memories of our visits to those places.....Ispahan, Shiraz, Teheran, and so on....the Alps made a beautiful backdrop to our right....I remember freezing on the Jungfrau, visiting Mt Titlis, Hotel St Gotthard....I remember the tiny prinipality of Leichstenstein, and visiting Vaduz....our world travelling has come down sharply in the past years, because of the imperative to visit the USA every year (there's only so much time, and money, that one can spare for Transatlantic travel!)...but the memories rushed back as I flew high above the countries that I had once seen and enjoyed visiting.

On the second leg of the journey, Paris to Atlanta, Murphy's Law mandated seat in front of us that leaned back far more than they were supposed to, so that we were sort of sandwiched....and the window seat felt like a trap! Alas, the view was just a sheet of white...during Spring, Europe is covered with snow clouds...

The food...was plastic as usual, but eatable, I guess..the coffee has actually improved a lot.

We had timed our flights beautifully, AND each flight was on time, so we made it to St L with the minimum of waiting in both CDG Paris as well as Atlanta.

We came to St Louis, our luggage arrived one hour later, and DnA at the same time as they had mistaken the time of our arrival...but we fully utilized the $14 food voucher that we got for waiting, and came home, where, as soon as I had unpacked, (there's LOADS of stuff to be posted/sent to others..this time, there's been a far bigger quota of can-you-take-this requests than usual) I went off and had a ...I canNOT believe....15-hour sleep! I didn't inform anyone back home of our arrival, my brain just shut off...

Feeling better now, it's a lovely 17 deg right now, outseide, so I am off for a long walk (no MLC along with me, alas, alas!) eyes and ears will be open.

A has gone to work, which she will as long as she can; D is working from home, he is tapping away behind me...KM Is on the massage chair, off in's peaceful, and it's home away from home.
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