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Homes and Gardens....and a Bird

I went for a nice walk this afternoon; it was getting cloudy and chilly, but it was LOVELY to walk along. I decided to take KM's Fuji Finepix and it's an amazing camera.

Here's a "Homes and Gardens" photograph that I got:

garden in st louis 200409

And...the first common bird (I didn't take any photograph of the STARLING, remembering yathin's strictures) fellow BULBs, ladybirders and gen'mun...the AMERICAN ROBIN:

american robin st Louis 204009

Not bad detail for a point-and-shoot, eh?

And for those of you who have never seen an American Robin teaching us about the Cycle of Life:

200409 american robin on cycle st l

More later...ohmigoodness, I better get some sleep....

TGB is probably only going to arrive when labour is scheduled to be induced, on 280409....looks like it's going to miss its other grandmom's birthday, which is also the birthday of yathin....
Tags: birding, child, garden, grand, photography, st louis

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