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Here's wishing "Y"ou, yathin

To Y, of Y!, who is, today, probably at Y (Yosemite).....


And of course, happy birthday to William Shakespeare as well! :)...and my Sambandhi, D's mother, LS, too. Now, that's an amazing lady if you like...she was a math major in college, and after her sons were born, went back to college to study architecture, and qualified in a tough 9-part exam to get her licence to practice in Maine! I think my daughter's very lucky to have found such a great family.

I am awaiting two, of the GD, and two, of the NMLC (New MLC)....neither seems to be in a hurry to there is a sense of "What on earth am I doing here?" and I spent a little time playing around with editing and text on Photobucket!

The visit to the gynaecologist took practically the entire day...I was joking that since A had spent so long in the hospital, she might as well have the baby and come back.
Tags: birthdays, greeting card, photography, st louis, yathin

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