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Very funny...

My posts are dated in the's still the 24th over here, but since my laptop in on India time, I get tomorrow's date on today's post!

It's a funny feeling waiting for something to happen...all the preparations (that we can think of) are done, and the person who is the cause of all this lies quiscent in her mother's womb, occasionally making a small movement but being in no rush at's good her father is a D, because, she's certainly in no Hari! :)

Here's a pic of the M2B,in front of her home, surrounded by her next-door neighbours, Sandy and Michael....they do seem to have quite friendly neighbours, though they keep themselves to themselves far more than we would do here...

Sandy and Michael from next door St L 220409

Been sleeping at odd times, and not been able to sleep at the right times...either you can call me jet-lagged, or totally prepared for the care of a tiny infant!

The weather has turned balmy (and rather too hot in the afternoons) so we had the front door open this evening, I was topping and tailing okra (that's vendekkAi to a tambram) and beans that we got in the farmer's market in the Loop....D was mowing and cleaning the lawn, KM had gone off for a long walk, and it felt as peaceful as it certainly won't be once a little bundle arrives!

Tomorrow morning we are going to the temple because I have always wanted to eat the pongal there (every time we go there, someone is coming out, saying, "the pongal is AWESOME!" and when we get to the eating area, the pongal has run out!
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