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The Saddest Part of Today....

We went to visit Grant's Farm , where the home of Ulysses Grant is preserved, and there is a kind of mini-zoo, too; it's a very "family" place, and since it was the first really hot day of spring, the strollers were out with the baby-strollers!

It was a lovely outing, but was marred by the sight of these two BALD EAGLES on the grass in one enclosure:

injured bald eagles grant's farm 250409

Immediately I saw them on the ground, and not high up on the branches of a tree, a question immediately arose in my mind...and just a couple of steps later, my question got answered:

why don't the bald eagles fly 250409

Well, at least these two magnificient birds are alive and cared for...who knows how many perished because of their injuries?
Tags: bird of prey, birding, injury, photography, st louis, zoo

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