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The Amur (Siberian) Tigers at St Louis Zoo

Since the hospital was not ready to take in A as rooms were not free, I went off (with KM) to Forest Park for a long walk, and to see the five (yes, five!) Siberian tiger cubs that celebrated their first birthday yesterday. The big cat breeding program has been very successful in St Louis Zoo; I have already written about their success at breeding cheetahs.

Well, the Siberian or Amur Tiger is a critically endangered animal, and the Zoo has successfully been able to breed five cubs! And a birthday (whether of my GD or of Amur Tigers) is no small affair, so it was lovely to be able to see them....

Here's the sign about the Amur Tigers' birthday:

amur tiger cubs birthday 280409 st L zoo

and info about the tigers:

amur tiger sign 280209 zoo

And here are two of the cubs...

280209 2 tiger cubs playing

And three more....

280209 3 amur tiger cubs st l zoo

The tigers are nearly the size of their mother! But their baby fat and their mischief identifies them.

How playful children are, no matter where and what they are!
Tags: conservation, photography, st louis, tiger, zoo

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