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Full circle...

Up to the time my daughter left home at the age of 17, I was generally known in many circles as "Anjana's mom"....after she left and we finished our travels to various places and came back to Bangalore to roost, I started developing my own identity, independent of the "corporate spouse" identity, and also the "Munni ki Maa" identity...I have made friends of my daughter's age, or even less, to complement my friends who are 20 or 30 or in one instance 40 years older than me.

But my child is a young woman of very strong and srticulate opinions and yesterday, it felt nice to be, once again, asked by several people, "You are Anjana's mother, aren't you?"

My seem to have a large readership on LJ...carry on with your onion-peeling, dissecting every thought and action as far as analysis will take it! Feels good to know that you voice is being heard in many places....
Tags: daughter, lj, opinions, shortindiangirl

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