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The Concrete Cauliflower has turned to MUSH!

It's awful. Idiotic.

There is this creature at home... that cannot recognize us, who makes vile and disgusting noises ALL the time (yes, even when sleeping), produces the most disgusting by-products...and every now and then, I find myself going to where it's lying, and staring adoringly at it. I cannot begin to imagine that I could have such a goofy expression on my face. The adoration of the Magi does not even come close to the fatuous admiration that I look at this creature with!

And...she's a variety of animals. She luxuriates like a cat; quacks like a duck; grunts like a pig, squirms like a worm, butts her head like a goat (when she's looking for food),kicks like a mule...

Here's the litte Squirmy Wormy's toes, luxuriating and uncurling as she feeds:

luxuriating toes 200509

That black-and-white thingy is a kind of wigwam that A can wear as she feeds the infant; it's got a kind of stiff vent where she can look in at the baby. Quite convenient, but may be less so as temperatures begin to rise....

Sorry, I *had* promised myself, no more baby pics and posts...I really don't know how they keep getting here.
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