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Shakespeare in the Park

I walked down to Forest Park, looking at the cotton candy that I could not eat...

cotton candy st louis 220509

The first few scenes of the Merry Wives of Windsor were very well-produced:

shakespeare in the Park 220509

And I tried to watch for while:

merry wives of windsor 220509

But the place was full, I couldn't get any water (I was very thirsty after that long walk), and the No-see-ums started biting, I just turned tail and walked back home!

I liked this window in the Trinity Presbyterian Church, where I had walked another day:

210509 trinity presbyterian church window la leche

And I wish I knew the name of the tree which bears these lovely flowers right now:

220509 tree flower

Spent the day in the home of some close friends, will share my thoughts about the Indian diaspora later...
Tags: forest, photography, shakespeare, st louis, theatre

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